Leverage your data to drive tangible value for your business.

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Fueled by Neos’s seasoned consultants, we implement modern and tailored strategies that will help you make the most of your data, ensuring lasting impact and unmatched value.

Whether in the field of business intelligence, data engineering, analytics, or Artificial Intelligence, Neos will help you create a roadmap to success for your mission-critical priorities.

Our Services

Benefit from our expertise both at the strategic and operational level, to support the implementation of your projects in business intelligence and analytics.

Wondering if AI makes sense for your business? Not sure where to start? Neos’ pragmatic approach will guide you through the steps to implement AI strategies that drive growth, increase performance, and optimize costs.

Neos offers a variety of courses, workshops, and speaking engagements in the field of analytics, DevOps, and Data Science. Depending on the maturity of your organization, benefit from Neos’ expertise to upskill your teams and retain talents.

Are you an innovative start-up looking for a dynamic environment to support your growth? Or a foreign organization looking to get started on the North American market? Benefit from Neos’ entrepreneurial and technology expertise, to minimize risks while maximizing your success.

AI-Powered Products and Platforms


Designed to capture data from your documents and optimize your processes. Still spending time on manual data entry? This platform will save you time and resources.


A platform designed to give you a holistic view of your projects, resources, and dependencies. Evaluate a variety of scenarios, using the power of its machine learning algorithm.


TalentsAI is a product powered by Artificial Intelligence (NLP & Machine Learning) which accelerates all stages of your recruitment process, while developing your Employer BrandSupercharge your talent pool with smart matching and AI. 

Tailored solutions to help today’s businesses face the technological and human challenges of tomorrow.

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