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Neos Webinars – Generating tangible value

The era of digital transformation is here! Times are changing and organizations are evolving at lightning speed, in Quebec as elsewhere. The technological challenges presented by the new year are very stimulating and the resulting innovations are just as exciting. But are you ready to face them?


MLOps, DevOps, RPA, what are those? 

For decision-makers, managers, technicians or engineers, the new multitude of possibilities offered by data science and AI can sometimes seem daunting. The huge impact that integration of technologies can have on your organization is tremendous, so one question arises: how do you address this abundance of opportunities?

Among the most common questions in an organizational context, the followings are frequently asked and sometimes left unanswered:


  • How can we improve and optimize the management of our technological projects? 📈
  • What can data science bring to my business? 🔎
  • Do technologies in my industry really offer a good ROI? 💲

AI x Human handshakeAI is far from being just a matter of technology! It is above all a problem of adoption, support and appropriation by men and women. And thus, whether in the phases of upstream learning and then supervision, the human being is at the center of the system.
(Jean Philippe Desbiolles, 2019)


Neos Webinars – Generating tangible value & knowledge

The Neos webinars allow to easily acquire knowledge and to access relevant content in order to clarify this big cloud that can represent the technologies and their implementations. The Neos Group’s experts develop webinars by tackling highly coveted topics in the fields of analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Wondering why you should attend them? 

👉 They are short and concise
Time is a non-renewable resource and Neos Group is well aware of that. In that sense, webinars are generally 45 minutes long. Rich in content, they can bring you a maximum of information, by mobilizing a minimum of your valuable time.
👉 They are accessible to all
No need to be an experienced data engineer to attend our webinars. Our speakers are excellent educators, they popularize and synthesize in a way that promotes understanding for participants of all levels.
👉 The topics are varied, but all are aiming progress.
Whether it is by exploring more general topics such as the potential impact of AI on your business, or more specific topics such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), our webinars guarantee a definite enhancement of your knowledge and that of your colleagues, allowing you and your organization to quickly generate additional value.
As a bonus, the webinars all end with an Q&A session with our experts so you can gather all the information you need to get started with your projects!

Would you like to attend one of our webinars and add value to your training and your organization? Here is a list of exciting upcoming webinars. Simply click on the hyperlinks below to get more information and register!

Enjoy the webinars!

👇 Nos prochains webinaires 👇


📆 Date : Friday, February 19th | 11h (EST) 
🕙 Length : 45 minutes
🗣️ Presenter : Roger Vandomme – Chief Data Scientist
❔ More Information : Webinar AI – Is 2021 the year for AI to shine? – Feb. 19th – Neos Group (



📆 Date : Thursday, March 25th  | 11h (EST) 
🕙 Length: 45 minutes
🗣️ Presenter : Gabriel Guimond-Prevost – Solutions Architect
❔ More Information : Webinar BI – Data Ingestion made easier with Azure DevOps – Mar. 25th – Neos Group (


📆 Date : Friday, May 14th | 11 h (EST) 
🕙 Length : 45 minutes
🗣️ Presenter : Salim Rahali – Principal Technical Architect
❔ More Information : Webinar AI – What is MLOps and how it contributes to a successful AI strategy – May 14th – Neos Group (


📆 Date : Friday, June 18th | 11h (EST) 
🕙 Length : 45 minutes
🗣️ Presenter : Roger Vandomme – Chief Data Scientist
❔ More Information : Webinar AI – Why Robotic Process Automation matters to your business – Jun. 18th – Neos Group (

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