Starting your week off on the right foot : 5 tips for reconciling with mondays

Nobody likes waking up to an alarm. But when it’s also Monday morning, getting out of bed can be a particularly daunting task. Why ? Because it’s Monday, and since the dawn of time, Mondays have left a bitter taste in your mouth, irritated you, filled you with dread, and horrified you ! But why are Mondays so difficult compared to the rest of the week ? With the help of some concrete advice, you could tip the scales in your favor and turn Mondays into great days. Yes, it’s possible, and I’m going to give you a few tips for reconciling with Monday so that it’s finally a day just like any other !


Ahh, to be fully in “weekend mode”, hanging out with friends and family, going on trips, shopping, partying, sleeping late, daydreaming, playing sports, taking your time to live life and enjoying things without any pressure, preoccupations, or stress ! These two days quickly eclipse all of your worries of the week and send you to a little cloud of happiness… that sadly dissipates after 48 hours !


And just like that, Monday rears its ugly head and reminds you that every good thing you just indulged in comes at a cost! And this cost, other than the impending work week, is the Sunday night blues that go along with it. It’s part of the deal : if you want to have fun on the weekend, you’ll also have to deal with the depressing reality of starting the week over from scratch.


According to Julie Menard, professor of psychology at UQAM (University of Quebec at Montreal) and expert on the psychology of work, there are two main reasons for the “sunday night blues” : first, Sunday night, you begin to mourn your weekend and the end of every enjoyable thing you did over the past two days, which plunges you into a small depression. Second, and according to Menard, this is what’s most responsible for the depressive period, you start to become anxious at the thought of starting the work week over, grow apprehensive, and begin asking yourself “Will I be at the top of my game ? Will I achieve all of my goals and satisfy my boss’ expectations ?”


Luckily, there are a few simple and effective tricks to reverse your situation and get the most out of your Mondays. has listed them here for you : you’ll see, a great Monday is within reach of everyone !

1. Don’t dwell on Monday too far in advance ! Anticipation can be good, but not in every case. Sometimes, it’s the feeling of anticipation right before the event that causes the most stress. You imagine your day and try to prepare yourself for the many unknowns and that’s what stresses you out. But once you’re there and jump into the tasks at hand, your stress dissipates. As soon as you’re in the action, there’s no time left to think or to be afraid. What a relief ! So try to stop thinking about your Monday on Sunday night. Be mindful, fill up your day, read a good book, go to the movies, go out with your friends, or take a trip around town. Whatever the source of your stress, you can’t do anything about it until Monday morning, so don’t start to worry too far in advance.

2. Prepare your course of action ! On Friday, take a few minutes to prepare your schedule for the week to come. Be careful to be realistic and adjust your plan so that it’s easily achievable and also as pleasant as possible. For example, alternate a task that you like with one that you dislike, or at least don’t plan to do a dreaded task at 8:30 in the morning! Schedule unpleasant tasks in the middle of the day or even the next day. Don’t overload your schedule with more than you can handle. If you are able to finish all the items you put on your schedule and can do more to get a headstart on your work for the next week, you’ll feel much better! This feeling of accomplishment will give you the confidence to continue.

3. Change your perspective ! Many of us have the tendency to portray the things we have to do in a negative light. It’s a way of being apprehensive about life in general, or seeing the glass half empty instead of half full. Try to change your point of view about life (and, concurrently, your work) and everything that crosses your path and concentrate only on the positive things. Have an important call coming up? Don’t worry about the worst-case scenario; tell yourself that it’s an opportunity to affirm yourself, to bring a positive image to your company, and to learn new things. Act as though the only possible outcome is a positive one! Success will follow : leaving your comfort zone will only help you grow. You’ll see, changing your outlook will allow you to look at life and Monday mornings differently.

4. Don’t start working right away ! When you arrive at the office on Monday morning, take some time to talk to your colleagues. Talk about your weekends, share the highlights, and make the good times last. Why not, for example, hold a “weekend debriefing” every Monday morning over a shared breakfast? Everyone could bring something to share and you’ll create a warm and pleasant moment before getting to work. You’ll see that this way, you’re no longer apprehensive about Monday mornings and will even start looking forward to them !

5. Work on yourself ! Stop doubting yourself and have self-confidence! If you’re in your position, it’s very likely because you’re qualified for it and have various skills. Be in tune with yourself and take note of your strengths as well as your weaknesses. And once again, your weaknesses are only weaknesses if you decide to see them that way (a matter of perspective!). Choose to see them instead as areas for improvement, opportunities to take hold of, and challenges to overcome. Be honest with yourself and you’ll have a better idea of your worth. Whatever it is, you’ll be less likely to be apprehensive about Mondays if you’re aware of your potential.

Now that you’re ready to take on the week, remember the most important thing : Monday is a day like any other and is only five days away from the next weekend !

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