The 2017 Quebec Immigration and Integration Fair : why you should’ve been there !

On May 31st and June 1st, Montreal held the 6th annual Salon de l’immigration et de l’integration au Quebec (Quebec Immigration and Integration Fair). For this special occasion, over 200 exhibitors, including nearly 50 recruiters, a multitude of workshops, conferences, varied companies, and over 10,000 visitors from more than one-hundred countries passed through the doors of the Palais des Congres de Montreal. For two days, visitors were able to glean information and advice from experts and professionals to help ease the transition and integration into life in Quebec. No subject was left untouched, the goal being to aid and guide new arrivals in their personal and professional endeavors. And, of course, was there ! The team was ecstatic to have met many of you in person and to introduce you to our unique services. But first, more on this impressive event….


If you were in Montreal’s Quartier International last week, you surely noticed the crowd of people all heading towards the same place. This motley crew, made up of young and old from all four corners of the globe, was pressed up against the doors of the impressive Palais des Congres, host of the Immigration and Integration fair.


Imagine, you’ve just arrived in Quebec. You now must find a school, job, place to live, bank, cell phone carrier, and must also quickly form a social network, maybe set up your own business, pursue your hobbies, go out… where to even begin ? Among the multitude of choices that are available to you, which one is the best, and which one most closely matches your goals ?

Don’t panic, you’re not the only one to be stunned by the magnitude of the task at hand. Thousands of people have done it before you and there are plenty of institutions specializing in making the aid and information you need as clear and accessible as possible.


For the sixth consecutive year, a large number of professionals, recruiters (VIA Rail Canada, Acces, Talent Immigrant), members of educational establishments (Teluq University, Trait d’Union de votre reussite), financial institutions (Desjardins), organizations that aid new arrivals (Kangalou, Sante Canada), and representatives from different regions of Quebec (Attraction Nord, Strategie Carriere, RDEE Ontario) — totaling nearly 200 exhibitors and over fifty recruiters ! — came together to present their services and activities and to welcome the new arrivals with much-needed advice and consultations.


If you were one of this year’s 10,000 visitors, you’ve probably already noted the numerous services and tools at your disposal: conferences on various subjects, the different careers available to you after graduation, the success of your professional integration, access to real estate for new arrivals; workshops on how to best manage your money in Quebec and the art of networking, or even how to take a professional photo or write a resume; dedicated spaces for personalized support (for international students)… you could even land an internship or your first job !

In short : it’s a gold mine of resources for immigration and a successful integration into Quebecois life !

If by chance you missed the expo, rather than waiting until next year, go right now to the Immigration and Integration Fair’s website, where you can find a list of all the organizations that took part in this great event and who can help you in your move !

And because took part in the festivities, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help boosting your career and finding an employer ! See you soon !

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