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WEBINAR: Is 2021 the year for AI to shine?

A 45-Minute Live Q&A with Roger Vandomme 

Date: Friday, February 19th  
Time: 11:00am (EST) 
Duration: 45 min 

We’ve heard the AI narrative over the last few years: AI is transformational, AI is exciting, AI is mysterious. One thing is sure: AI is here to stay and it is time for organizations to safely, creatively, and boldly apply AI to emerge stronger in the short-term and the longterm. 

Since the world of artificial intelligence is a rapidly changing world, it is important to understand its development and its impact on your business. In this webinar, we will share with you some trends that we believe will impact your business, and the way you manage it.  


  • The talent gap in AI and data science: what to expect? 
  • The convergence between IoT, NLP, and RPA 
  • How AI will become more accessible with the cloud and no-code applications 
  • The rise of explainable AI  
  • Digital twins, simulations and training optimization 


Technology and business leaders 


Roger Vandomme, Chief Data Scientist at Neos Group

Roger’s career has been built on the fundamentals of data analysis, predictive modeling, and related decision-making. With 20 years in the credit bureau industry, creating credit scores all around the world, Roger has an outstanding unmatched skill set in the field of predictive modeling. Roger teaches business analytics and Machine Learning at University of Toronto, as well as operational planning at the Canadian Forces College.

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