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WEBINAR: What is MLOps and how it contributes to a successful AI strategy

A 45-Minute Live Q&A with Salim Rahali 

Date: Friday, May 14th  
Time: 11:00am (EST) 
Duration: 45 min 

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In 2021, it is estimated that at least 50% of machine learning projects will not be deployed, due to operational shortcomings (source: Gartner). 
One of the major challenges companies face today when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) is the implementation of machine learning. In other words, to take the operational steps to successfully implement these projects, with continuous deployment, in order ultimately to generate value for the company.  
As a result, MLOps brings a strong proposition: to bring to machine learning projects the speed and agility of DevOps, in order to accelerate the implementation, and the profitability, of AI.  
In this webinar, Neos will introduce you to the best practices and foundations of MLOps. 


  • Introduction to MLOps and its benefits 
  • The different components of a Machine Learning project 
  • Method, operation and benefits of MLOps 
  • Good practices to optimize your projects 


Technology leaders, data architects, data engineering and data science professionals.


Salim Rahali, Principal Technical Architect at Neos Group

Salim is passionate about data and has over 10 years of experience in data architecture and data science. Salim supports NEOS clients with their strategy and decisions regarding the use of their data, particularly in machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.

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