Power by artificial intelligence, DataExtract automatically captures data from documents, whether they are scanned, photographed or digital. Using machine learning, DataExtract can scale to a limitless count of document designs – perfect for documents like invoices, receipts, contracts and more.  


DataExtract is a product powered by Machine Learning that automatically captures, extracts, and sends data from your scanned, photographed, or digital documents to your software.

Our technology is able to process an unlimited amount of documents quickly such as invoices, receipts, contracts or others to save you significant time and money.

Why DataExtract?

OCR with AI

Using Machine Learning and Big Data, DataExtract continuously learns with each document processed, allowing automated data retrieval from multiple document models in dozens of languages. Unlike traditional optical character recognition (OCR) engines, no model is required.

Work Smarter

Streamline processes, spend time on what's important and make decisions faster with real-time reporting and tracking. Leverage existing documents and bring Big Data to life in your organization.

Integrate in Your Environment

Quickly deploy automated data capture into your own software with our easy-to-use API but also our image capture SDK, mobile app, and individual developer support. Our API supports both desktop and cloud products and can integrate with virtually any software.

Save Time

Remove the manual data entry while a copy of the original document is also sent to your software: no more searching paper documents in the office or filing and retrieving paper.

Save Money

Improve productivity and job satisfaction with your staff who focus on value-added work. Eliminate complex and costly data entry or electronic data interchange (EDI) costs, and combine it with cost-per-document pricing for an extremely fast return on investment.

Improve Precision

Just let DataExtract capture the data you want and transmit it as you wish in seconds. In addition, data matching tools provide additional validation. Improve the visibility and control of your process - whether it's accounts Payable, expense management, proof of purchase or other.

How Does It Work?

Thanks to Machine Learning, our solution is constantly improving and optimizes the time and data processing by relying on documents that have already been processed.

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