We carry out your projects in analytics & AI while optimizing their financing

We help you develop your innovative projects, realize your innovations while optimizing your tax credits in eligible technologies

How We Help Our Clients

  • Project financing optimization 
  • Tax credit audits  
  • Claim management 

How We Do It

Our experts in tax credits in technology will help you  identify where to optimize your projects, by taking advantage of R&D funds and tax credits made available by the federal and provincial governments.

Through an audit of your past, current and upcoming projects, our experts will help you optimize  your grant applications and tax returns for programs such as Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED), Credit for Development of Electronic Business or even the Production of Multimedia Titles (PTM).

Percentage of claims

Scientific Research and Experimental Development

Up to 76% of eligible expenses can be claimed

Credit for Development of Electronic Business

Up to 30% of eligible wages paid to employees

Tax Credits for Multimedia Production

Up to 37.5% of the eligible labor expenditure

Innovation Program

Up to 30% of eligible expenses

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