Why hiring a young person is a great idea

Although summer is intern season, some business owners can understandably have some reservations… between having many employees away on vacation, the need for flexible and readily available help on a budget, a lack of time for training, and doubts about their motivation, the negative aspects of hiring a young person can really be discouraging. But let’s try to change our perspective. Allow me to show you the hidden benefits of hiring a young person for your business, employees, and new recruit. In short, it’s beneficial for everyone !


I’ve always seen the workplace like an immense soccer field on which two teams tethered to their positions battle it out : businesses on one side, with their understandable wish for experienced and efficient help, and young students/job seekers on the other, with their thirst for experience and training. Between them, the field seems likes an impassable pit…


Today, I’m putting on my referee shirt, rounding up these two adversary teams, and showing you, recruiters and future employees, that to win at the expense of the other is not necessarily a victory. Rather, equality has its hidden benefits. Here’s five advantages that make the decision to hire a young person a brilliant idea!

1. Take some of the weight off your personnel

Before anything else, think about your current employees. What will their workload look like this summer while half of them are away on vacation? Will they be swamped with work when they take on the tasks of their absentee colleagues in addition to their own daily tasks ? Won’t they need the support of someone who’s readily available, flexible, and willing to lend a strong hand to your team to relieve them of some of their stress ? Ask yourself these questions and stay in-tune with your employees, who are the best gauge of the health of your company. Don’t forget that happy employees are productive employees !

2. Save money

The idea isn’t to exploit young people by asking them to complete tasks without thanks or recognition for minimum wage. You need to see this hire instead as an exchange of goods : your knowledge for their time. In addition, it’s true that one of the positive aspects of recruiting a young person is their (absence of) salary or their low cost compared to a “true” salaried worker. Depending on the size of your company, this could mean considerable savings! Further note that the government and other federal organizations give lots of aid and subsidies that act as incentives for companies to hire young people.

Some concrete examples

Among the ones listed here, the program Découvrir, started by Emploi Québec, offers both financial and logistic support to students and the companies that hire them; the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail who, along the same lines of an incentive program, encourages the integration of students in professional and technical schools; the Ministre de L’immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion and their program Valorisation Jeunesse – Place à la relève, which allows young Montrealers of all origins to benefit from a summer job; the Emplois et Stages Pour les Jeunes section of the Government of Canada website, and the list goes on and on… So, what are you waiting for ?

3. Look to the future !

Other than lending you a hand over the summer, you should think of the hiring of an intern as a long-term investment. By putting them on your side, teaching them all the nuts and bolts of the job, and training them, you’ve created a tailor-made (future) employee ! An intern is a bit like a small seed that you plant and water day after day before you can harvest its fruit. In doing so, you build a solid foundation for future generations, the future of your company, and your successors, and this successor, thanks to everything that you’ve put in place for them, will be qualified and efficient.

4. Develop your brand

Through hiring interns, giving chances to young people, and showing your confidence in the new generation, you’ll portray your company as being open, dynamic, and attractive; that is to say, without outwardly seeming to, you’ll construct your employer brand. Your employees are the first ambassadors of your company and your brand, and your interns play a role in it ! They can contribute to building your reputation. You’ll show that you’re “cool,” show your social involvement, and you’ll show everyone your company values, political views, culture, and what keeps you going. In short, through serving your own interests, you’ll also help everyone in this generation who’s just arriving on the job market. People will see that you’re a company that offers opportunities and who’s curious to discover new talent, and subsequently, the manner in which you’re perceived will be increasingly positive !

5. A breath of fresh air

Finally, the arrival of a new recruit on your team, notably one who is young, fresh, and full of energy, can bring plenty of new ideas to your work. Giving an old vision a new lease on life, galvanizing your team, changing perspective, and keeping abreast of the news, cultural movements, areas of influence, and trends in the market can all be beneficial for your company, image, and clients. Exploit it ! Don’t rest on your laurels; an intern can be a great way to stay in the loop.

GO !

Now that you have all of these advantages in mind, the ball is in your court !

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